Deacon Duties


  1. All Deacons – meet and greet visitors
  2. David Haley, Mitchell Howell, and John Moon
  1.  Baptistry – Cleaning and Maintenance
  2. Visitors - Seek out and identify visitors as they enter and leave the building
  1. Get visitors to fill out visitor cards.
  2. Copy cards and put in visitor binder
  3. Give copies of visitor cards to Daniel and Michelle.
  4. Post additional information that visitor may volunteer that is not on card
  1. Identify requests, e.g., Bible Study or prayers
  2. Out of town MD Anderson patients
  1. Identify and bring to attention of elders and Daniel
  2. Ask if there is any way we can assist
  3. Volunteer our willingness to assist them.
  4. Follow-up calls, emails, and visits as needed


  1. David Haley
  1. Youth Devotional Program
  2. Wednesday Night Invitations and Lord Supper Comments - administer, assign, and follow-up


  1. John Moon - Men’s Saturday Breakfast


  1. Mitchell Howell - Small job handyman building repairs and maintenance


  1. Dan Kimbrough
  1. Small job handyman building repairs and maintenance
  2. Baptistry Garments and towels
  3. Assign Terry Walker transportation responsibilities 
  1. Attendance Count
  2. Ring Bell for start and end of bible classes


  1. Greg Williams - Church web site, sound system, and video recording of sermons.


  1. Scott Clanton
  1. Perform and, or arrange building repairs and maintenance
  2. Maintenance and mowing of outside grounds
  3. Oversee building cleaning
  4. Maintain picture board and members’ directory


  1. Alex Morolez
  1. Administer, assign, and follow-up on public worship duties:  Lord’s table, Lord’s Table Preparation, Opening and Closing Prayer
  2. Graded Class Curriculum and Teachers (Daniel Broadwell handles adult classes)
  3. Back-up to David Haley – Wednesday Night Invitation and Lord Supper Comments .
  4. Church Facebook Page.